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West Herts Cricket Club Social Media policy

West Herts Cricket Club understands and acknowledges any player's/member's right to pass reasonable and considered comment on a specific match, or on the sport in general. The club does, however, expect all such social media postings to be constructive and relevant given the potentially unrestricted audience of Facebook & Twitter.

The following conditions apply to any social media posting which relates either directly, or indirectly, to WHCC. These conditions also apply to any posting that might reasonably be regarded as reflecting on the club in any way.

No social media posting may be made by a player/member which:

  1. Contains any threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language.
  2. Discriminates on any grounds of race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, faith, sexual orientation, social class or disability.
  3. Is detrimental to the interests of WHCC or to the game of cricket in general, or which brings WHCC or the game of cricket into disrepute.
  4. The individual could reasonably be expected to know what would implicate a third party in any disciplinary or legal hearings. This may include, but is not restricted to, the copying and redistribution of any third party social media posting.
  5. The individual might reasonably be expected to know what would undermine the unity of a team or the standing of WHCC in general.
  6. Discloses any matter which is confidential to WHCC. This may include, but is not restricted to, team selection, tactics & injuries.

All players/members are reminded that while an individual's opinions may not represent those of WHCC, they can very easily reflect on the club. As such, all players/members are expected to consider the club's values as well as its long and proud history in any social media postings that they choose to make.

Any player/member failing to adhere to this code of conduct will face disciplinary measures and may be suspended or banned from representing/attending WHCC.

Given the potentially severe sanctions following any breach of the code, players/members should keep all login details and passwords secure.

Adopted December 2017.

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